Friday, May 23, 2008

Purr Chica

I'm so excited God has given me this opportunity to share a bookclub with my chickadees. It is called Purr Chica. It is for ladies striving daily to be pure, holy, and virtuous women of God. I started the bookclub in the Summer of 2006, and I'm finally kicking it off again this lovely Summer of 2008. We will be revisting "The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord" by T.D. Jakes and introducing "A Lova' Like No Otha" by Stephanie Perry Moore. I pray that through this journey our love lives with God will be spicened up. I love CeCe Winans new CD "Thy Kingdom Come." It is so fitting to building and strengthening our relationships with the Father and for the bookclub. One of my favorite songs is "Falling in Love." The chorus goes as follows: Keep falling in love with You/Over and over/Old things pass/All things brand new/My lips shall praise thee/Joyfully give you glory/While lifting my hands in Your dew/I'll just keep falling in love with You. It is so amazing how God loves us so much and we can embrace Him over and over again.