Monday, December 14, 2009

Natural Hair in All its Glory

Looking through other blogs, I found this cool site displays photos of women and men with natural hair. It is absolute AWESOMENESS...please check out  lecoil and be inspired!!! I wanna how I can get on there I'm SO serious about that. : )  Also check out for lovely artwork repping natural hair...when I have an abode all to myself, I will definitely invest in one of those pieces (particularly the kinky coily curly piece).

I just love my natural hair. I remember those days when all the girls at school would ask me why my hair was not permed. My mama just said to ask them why their hair was permed haha. I didn't say that though, I would say it just parents don't want chemicals in our hair. They could laugh and whisper behind my back all they wanted to, but at least my hair was healthy and happy. I'm glad to have this lovely head full of 4a/4b kinky, coily hair...that coils up into the most beautiful curls when washed and is soft as cotton (my mother would my great grandmother's hair). I vividly remember this boy who made a song about my hair..."she's strong and tough with her afro puffs", I couldn't have said it better. Be comfortable with you, be forever true to your identity and not to images digested and vomitted by the world. : )

Friday, December 11, 2009


Soo, hmm, yeah, clearly I have nothing to blog about for the moment. Well, there is this one thing...just a word of encouragement, sometimes things may not go your way. You may wonder why is this happening to me, when will I ever get a chance to shine, and so forth. AHA! Stop with all the questions. Joyce Meyer said it best, "God wants our trust, not our questions." God knows what is best for you and me, and we just have to trust Him as He makes the way. No matter how the way is looking, He has your best interest in mind all the time. Just trust His course, He knows the best way to enforce the desires of your heart and the giftings in you. : )

Chishinga Shira