Saturday, August 9, 2008

Catching Feelings

Ladies, I know we catch feelings when we think....yes think we've met the perfect guy. Don't you just hate having your emotions twisted and turned in all proportions. Is that the one? Will he ever come along? Waiting is best thing you can ever do because God is preparing us individually as his princesses and He knows when to bring that special someone along. Our main focus in the process of being single and fabulous is this: As an unmarried woman, we are to be concerned about the Lord's affairs: Our aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit! (1 Corinthians 7:34)

Personally, I know I have caught feelings for a particular guy. Ya know this guy seemed so right with his love for the Lord, his sense of humor, his intelligence, his suave and debonair character, his kindness, and his compassion...blah blah...somewhat the deal for real. Then I realized how much of weirdo he was because his intentions were not clear and seemed to like every chica that came across his path (oh does he have some work to do but don't we all...but these so called men out there need to grow up for real). Catching feelings can certainly be a major distraction in su vida. Don't let em get to you until it is time, until it is time...with much prayer and supplication, being still and knowing that God is sovereign...there won't be a need to catch feelings. Instead, you shall embody the peace of the Holy Spirit. In the meantime, remind yourself: I will not be distracted by mankind. : )


Hola, it's been a while since I have written. I'm sitting and waiting patiently in the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport to return my home sweet home. My flight has been delayed for approximately 4 hours. It was supposed to leave at 2:45 pm. However, there were maintenance problems with the flight going to St.Louis so they had to get another plane and that plane would then come back to Charlotte to go to Houston. Complications. Just lovely isn't it? Seems like I have been waiting forever! (Traveling by air is getting to be ridiculous...$25 for the second bag...I was able to pack less...quite unlikely for a chic of my caliber. And now you have to pay $2 for a beverage on board. What kind of ish is that? Next people will have to pay for using electronic devices on board the plane. If only gas prices were not out of bounds...hopefully that will change with a distinguished gentleman coming into office in November : )).I have managed to keep myself occupied watching shows online...The House of Payne, Project Runway, and So You Think You Can Dance. I have also managed to eat a Classic Cinnabon and 6 wings and a biscuit from KFC...delicioso. The time is now 6:24 pm and the plane has yet to arrive. Patience...oh so sweet. I think I shall write a blog on Catching Feelings. Coming to ya soon. Ciao.