Friday, July 20, 2007

Creative Organizer..That's Me

Chishinga Callender, You are a Creative Organizer
You're an excellent planner... Your opinions are treasured and trusted.

Your Communication Style

The Ultimate Planner
You are admired by many because of your thinking skills and the way you skillfully design your life and the steps in the lives of others. You're an excellent planner. Your opinions are treasured and trusted. Most people know that before you do anything or advise others about anything, you've reached broadly and delved deeply into the history and facts. Everyone realizes that you are conscientious and respectful of doing the right thing in the right way.

Checks and Balances
Yes, yours is a life of checks and balances to the smallest decimal place. No detail is overlooked. You only take precise steps that are planned out well in advance. Thinking and logic are supreme. Knowledge is the foundation. Everything is a chess match at the Masters level!
Usually you're not a risk taker. It doesn't mean that you're not adventurous. It means that before you take the first step, every possible move and option that can be controlled has been thought through thoroughly. You only like to deal with probabilities in your favor at 99.44 percent. Joy for you is minimizing luck

How You Learn
You are a lifelong learner. Everything is absorbed like a blotter by your lock-step memory. Then, it is carefully processed and contextually stored with other pertinent information. When the need arises, you retrieve and reprocess the information for appropriate applications. Rarely does your memory or logical use of stored information fail you or others.

How You Interact with Others
You're basically an introverted and low-key person who likes everything to be orderly and impersonal. Reserved, proper and calm are words that are often used to describe you. You usually don't like to interact verbally or personally with other people. You are independent and can be a loner very easily. Sometimes, your best friend is your computer and its Internet access.

In a group setting you're mostly very quiet and hardly volunteer to speak out unless you have something very pertinent to say. Even then, you are reticent at best. However, if someone you respect directly asks you for your opinion, you'll answer if you deem the subject in question worthy of your attention. Then, and only then, will you respond to that in a thorough manner. If you are pushed to explain even more, you'll use historical and logical explanations, including answering all of the possible questions as to why your responses are correct. Thus, you'll not leave any rational leaf unturned, and immediately you'll halt the possibility that someone else may question you again about this subject area.

Exploring Other Options
Every once in a while, your awareness and thinking processes change. It usually depends upon the situation presented to you. Your thought process shifts from its logical, analytic and detailed state towards a combination of optional thinking, creativity and synthetic wholes. Here, paradoxes are accepted and enjoyed instead of being scientifically rejected; chaos is the basis for reality. Emotional and rational thought are intertwined to solve problems and to strategically plan.

Shifting Interactions
Also, you're able to relate to people on a personal basis rather than an impersonal, factual basis. Now you can explore yourself and others on deeper and broader levels. Your conversations become more fluid, heartfelt and exploratory. You are able to accept inconsistencies of another's thoughts and feelings. When you're in this place, people search you out to discover more about themselves or their deep-seated problems. You seem so much more aware of what is happening rather than what should be happening.

Those who know you over a long period of time welcome these shifts. They accept and anticipate these changes as positive behavioral outcomes. Others, who know you formally, are initially perplexed when this happens. They may seem uncomfortable because your extremely consistent, rational behavior has been transformed into high-risk ideas. What they have expected is not consistent with what has happened previously.

Your Style as a Student
For you, knowledge and ideas are supreme! You are a deep thinking student who can never have too much information. You spend most of your time asking the questions, "Why?" and "How?" about what you see, hear or read, and are determined to do whatever you can to find out the answer. Whatever you are learning about has to be analytic, systematic, and have a relevant and practical basis in order for you to take it seriously. If you do not find the information logical, you may at times rely on intuition, creativity, debate, the opinion of others or outside research to validate its importance. Always in search of a logical conclusion, you dwell between the worlds of the probable and the possible.

Traditional learning (lectures and reading) comes easily to you if the lecturer or books are factual, data-based, detailed and historical in their approach. Ironically, alternative learning (sensory, visionary) can also come easily to you because you are capable of organizing abstractions into a logical whole. You pride yourself on being an excellent, focused and disciplined learner. You are usually prepared, punctual, organized and precise. You are a superb listener who logically categorizes everything, easily memorizes things, zeroes in on the details and builds your own practical conclusions. Then, you check your conclusions repeatedly in many different ways. It is not that you are distrusting or think they are wrong; it is that you are a truly deep thinker in the pursuit of all forms of accurate knowledge.
Your learning style tends to be Logical, Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Intrapersonal.

Your Learning Preferences
For you, everything has its proper place, systematic methods and specific timelines. You also tend to be quietly introverted, or at least heavily focused. You have little tolerance for nonsense and disorganization. However, you appreciate creative and far-reaching ideas. This is why you as a student are a very careful, hesitant decision-maker who does not appreciate being rushed into giving an answer or pushed into completion of a project within an unreasonable timeline. It's not that you don't know the work or can't work under pressure. You just simply must weigh the numbers and raise questions about any assumptions. You know from experience that things done at the last minute are prone to mistakes, and you don't like mistakes at all, especially if you're making them. That's because you are always thinking rationally and deeply about everything.

You thrive on assignments with concise structure and discrete steps. First A, then B, then C... Even when in your more creative mode, you find it important to categorize and reference facts and data, using bullet points, table of contents, footnotes, indexes, and as many resources as possible. When you are overloaded with an abundance of information, the logician in you keeps it all tied together in an organized manner. Graphs and charts are helpful in support of your facts, as are colored diagrams. However, you can also manage without them. A student like you can never have too much information, and you know just how to keep track of it and present it all to make it all clear in your mind and the minds of others.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Breath of a Rose by Langston Hughes

Love is like dew
On lilacs at dawn:
Comes the swift sum
And the dew is gone.

Love is like star-light
In the sky at morn:
Star-light that dies
When day is born.

Love is like perfume
In the heart of a rose:
The flower withers,
The perfume goes-

Love is no more
Than the breath of a rose,
No more
Than the breath of a rose.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Amazing Grace

I love Amazing Grace. These books are phenomenal. If you have never read them, then you should read them. Peeps have also told me that the character, Grace, resembles me. I love her character because she never gives up on her dreams. She wanted to play the part of Peter Pan in a school play and she did. Other students tried to tell her she couldn't play that part because she was black. She didn't let that stop her. She wasn't afraid to be herself. She has taught me a lesson in not being afraid of myself in all that I can do.

In Boundless Grace, she visited her father in Africa since her parents were divorced. She had to get accustomed to her new siblings and step mother. When she first arrived, she was not comfortable with them but she took the limits of her heart, mind, body, and soul to love them. ( A lesson certainly comes out of every book). She removed the boundaries that brought her down. Now, this situation can be directed towards anyone. In my case, I go to college at UVA. I had no intentions of going there in high school. What UVA? Where's that? I know I'm smart, but this school...oh its actually a great school! But once I started attending UVA, I knew it was for me even though I was far away from home, all alone in a world, surrounded by faces I had never come in contact with before. And there were times I doubted, feared, and worried about how can I do this here, so that's where being uncomfortable comes in. But I started becoming and now I'm being what I need to be in order to succeed. So that once I leave that place I can breathe and enjoy life for what it is. I'm taking off the boundaries, welcoming the opportunities, and enjoying the journey for what it was, what it is, and what it will be.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Super Sweet 20 Birthday

Have you seen those outrageous birthday parties held by teeny boppers for their Super Sweet 16 on MTV? It is craziness. How much money can you possibly throw away on a birthday party? I could only imagine having a birthday party like that. Of course I had the usual birthday party with family and a few friends, with cake, ice cream, my favorite dinner meal, and presents. Oh the memories. If I had a Super Sweet 20 Birthday Party, it would have to be a Dream Girls Theme (I love that movie!) or something along those lines..all that glitter and pizaaz. The dress code for my party would definitely be jeans, no white tees, no sneakers. I would rent out a nice club for the evening and no alcoholic beverages would be served and no smoking allowed. It would be decorated with disco balls to have that Motown feel but also have that feel of this day and age infused with soul and jazz.

The DJ has to be poppin' in such a way that they play music without vulgar language and would not provoke couples to have "sex" on the dance floor (eww...the way some people dance is just disgusting). It would be amazing to have guest performances by Jennifer Hudson, Chrisette Michele, John Legend and hmmm...whoever else I might like if I had my way. People invited to my party would have to be peeps I know and know how to behave themselves in a public setting. My cake would definitely be lilac and have coconut pineapple filling, I am an island girl after all. Appetizers, fruits, and vegetables would be served. And of course my favorite beverage, pink lemonade with a hint of lime will be served and sparkling apple cider too. Boo woo. Well, what do you think? Is a Super Sweet Birthday really worth it? I guess it would be fun for one night only! Gotta live in the moment sometimes. What better way to celebrate your birthday? Shopping does me just fine if you ask me. But the party is pretty much the icing on the cake. BUT it is truly a blessing to be able to see another year, another day in tu vida a viva!

Chrisette Michele- If I Have My Way

Gotta love it!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Summer Objectives

Being the goal-oriented chic that I am, I have a summer objectives list hanging from my closet door, and I just thought I would share it with you all. Don't be obligated to read it. You must think I'm crazy. But I'm just simply being me.

1. Make an A in Biology
2. Prepare for Organic Chemistry in the fall
3. Drive where I gotta go
4. Volunteer in the community w/ the kids
5. Get work experience in medicine w/ phenomenal doctors
6. Read books for leisure
7. Scrapbook (finish middle school, start and finish high school scrapbook)
8. Bake
9. Play the piano
10. Quilt (finish quilt from VBS in 7th grade)
11. Exercise weekly
12. Get ears pierced a 2nd time
13. Get highlights
14. Get some money in the bank
15. Estudiar espanol

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

If I Have My Way

I love this new awe-apsiring artist Chrisette Michele. Her music is so smooth and crisp. You should definitely check it out. I love her song, "If I Have My Way." It talks about having a relationship with that special someone, your boo, pookie, honey bun, whatever. And she is telling him to wait: "There's no one I'd rather share my good lovin' with. But I promised I'd wait'til I'm ready for this." Yes, wait for love. Because true love waits! Must I explain myself any further. Yes, I'm glad you asked.

So let me give you a scenario: Say your feeling this brother, his name is Taye right, okay, and he's feeling you and ya'll have been going out for a year now. And he whispers sweet nuthin's into your ear, I mean he always does, but he gives you special treatment on the occassion of the 1 year anniversary and says, "Baby, I love you and I want to get to know you better." And you say, "I love you to, and ask, "Well dear, how do you want to get to know me better?" And then dear Taye says, "I want to make love to you ." Haha, what a sucka! And would you say, "Sure." or "How dare you? I'm sorry, but you have to wait and if you can't respect that, you have got to go." Personally, option 2 is the best choice ladies. Don't ever let a brother get you twisted. As Nicole C. Mullen says in one of her songs, "If you wanna step to me, you gotta know one thing, the love I have you cannot get without a wedding ring!"

Your love is precious and it is not to be wasted because once you throw it away, you can never get it back. Waiting is much more don't suffer the consequences of pregnancy. STDs. etc. Believe me you, everyone is not doing it and the best thing you can do for yourself is live independently and don't go looking for a man, let him find you and make sure he treats you like queen and loves you like Jesus Christ loved the church. Okay, I'm rambling on. You get the point. You're not making love unless you're married...point blank...God is not in the midst of premarital sex relationships. Save it for the honeymoon.